Welcome to Croft Care Group

The Croft Care Group is a family owned group of companies, established in 1991 and specialising in the care of elderly people in the north of England.

Our Care Homes

In our care homes we specialise in providing quality care for people in need of: Residential and Nursing Care, Emi Care, Dementia Care, Social Care, Intermediate and Respite Care, Palliative and End of Life Care.

Domiciliary Care Services

Our domiciliary care services specialise in providing quality care for people in their own homes, which includes: Personal Care, Medication Calls, Shopping Services, Laundry / Cleaning Services, Social Support, Carer Support.

What We Do

We provide nursing, residential and community based care services in the North of England and currently have multiple care homes based in he following locations: Wakefield, Scunthorpe, Durham, Huddersfield, Cleakheaton.